We have come up through the ranks…

We are athletes who actively participate in races.  Just like you… We know quite well what is and actually what is not to be done. We are ready for you to enjoy an organization in the first place, but the most important thing is that you finish it safe and securely.  We are here for you to have fun while you are in the race.

Just focus getting your “Personal Best” as of your start and leave the rest to us💪

What is essential to us?

  • Quality. To do better than the best in the World.

  • Safety. Competition is fine, but safety comes first.

  • Innovation. To develop non-repetitive but brand-new works.

  • Having fun. Result is important, but the primary target is to have fun while racing.

  • Leaving a mark. To be among the first ones within the basket of memories.

He was included in the core team of Turkey’s first Triathlon organization held in Alanya in 1991.
In 1992, he carried out the second largest international Open Water Swimming organization in our country is held in Alanya.
He led the Mountain Bike Races organized in 1997 in Turkey for the first time in our country on an international scale.
In 2000, he led the International Mountain Bike Festival organized in Cappadocia.
Between the years 2000-2007, he was the official representative of Giant bikes in particular, as well as of Sram, Time, Met and Magura in our country.
Since 2002, he has been a member of the Turkish National Olympic Committee.
During his office of Turkish Cycling Federation Vice Presidency between the years 2004-2012, he took part in numerous projects, which he led to be organized the first time in our country, such as the European Mountain Bike Championship in Cappadocia in 2007 as well as the European Road Bike Championships in Ankara 2010.
As of 2008, he showed much effort as the project and race director for the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey to emerge in a format fit for the necessities of the time with a brand new approach.
He has been regularly into sports for as long as he can remember and has been awarded in various age groups. 😉

Despite being a civil engineer, he could not restrain his spirit of entrepreneurship and was engaged in the trade he developed in different sections of the construction industry.
After settling down his work on a corporate structure, he spent more time for himself and has been awarded in Open Water Swimming Races he has started to attend in various distances and various age groups.
During this time, he attended many triathlons, with also the distance of 70,3 among them.
In September 2017, he crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and by swimming the distance of 16 km from Spain to Morocco in 4 hours and 50 minutes.
He participated in the national and especially international regular Gran Fondo cycling races and showed high performance in various age groups.
He was the first Turkish sports person to be entitled to participate in the Oceanman World Championship at the end of the season in Dubai in 2018.
Despite the busy pace of his managerial profession, he swims, rides and runs six days a week…